Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shasta County Judge, her Husband Sheriff, her Uncle the DA, Josh Lowery and Redding Police

OVERHEARD In neighbors back yard drinking party - "On again off again "Girlfriend Atty(Christine Muligan) of Redding‬ police‬ officer (Chris Jacoby) being investigated asks Shasta County Judge (Molly Bigelow) to have uncle DA Carlton have Asst DA Lowery quit investigating Steve Motley case. Talk of going to newspaper with problem he had with woman (Ellen Munroe) to coherce him into dropping case. Judge Molly Bigelow is wife of ‪‎Shasta‬ County Deputy Sheriff Will Gardner, I understand lead investigator in Steve Motley case exonerating all Redding California police officers involved.

It was not long after a meeting briefing  a very frightened Mr Lowery at his office you found this news headline...

DA Carlton says Lowery's retirement was "definitely" voluntary

"The swift and sudden departure of Shasta County Chief Deputy District Attorney Earl “Josh” Lowery was not so sudden, Shasta County District Attorney Stephen Carlton said today.

And, he said, Lowery, whose retirement became official today, was strictly voluntary.
“It was definitely voluntary,” Carlton said, saying the 51-year-old Lowery had been considering retiring for the past few months. “I’ve known for awhile.”


"She wrote that he suffered multiple broken bones, brain hemorrhages and other injuries. She wrote that Redding's practice of "inaction and cover-up encouraged officers of RPD, including the defendants named herein, to believe that unjustified force and denial of prompt medical care against individuals being detained was permissible." 

Victim's Mother Calls for Police Body Cams


  1. All I know is this city is NOTHING like the city I moved to 26 yrs ago. This blog refers to "everyday living & life sustaining activities"; are these the new buzzwords for illegal camping, panhandling on every corner, stealing, illegal dumping & ruining our once beautiful open spaces?

    1. I was born here around the time you moved here. From what I've seen, the activities you describe have increased as the country, state, and city have become poorer while isolated pockets of middle-class people form an ideological blockade to defend the rich. The bottom of the pyramid is falling apart, my anonymous friend, and you would do well to consider that.

  2. What is wrong with exposing Redding and Shasta County California Police, CHP, and Sheriff brutality, beatings, violations of civil and constitutional rights and law enforcement corruption?

  3. Public safety ? Transparency? New sales tax? Why is the Redding Police Union pushing back on body cameras?

    Measure D is a vote on implementing a half-cent public safety sales tax while measure E would be an advisory measure saying how the money would be spent by the city.

    Vote NO on Redding's Measures "D" and "E" half-cent public safety sales tax!

  4. It's the Good ol Boys club.

    Any law person gets away with everything

  5. i thought our tax dollars were used to pay those that serve and protect. serve who? protect who?

  6. i thought our tax dollars were used to pay those that serve and protect. serve who? protect who?

  7. This is a horror story. I don't know how his mother bears it. If this was my son, I would be INSANE.
    Stay strong,mom. Fight for your child. My heart aches for you.