Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"4-H members’ mobile soup kitchen helps feed homeless"

Sharyn Cornelius

"Members of local 4-H clubs have formed a mobile soup kitchen to provide a hot lunch for homeless people one day a month.  On Monday, Jan. 17, a school holiday, three members of the Twin Palms and Cow Creek clubs—Dani Plake, Karah Harbuck, and Ruth Bailey–gathered in the Millville kitchen of Adrienne Hulst, Cow Creek 4-H community leader, to cook up a batch of chili and bake cornbread muffins.  They will also hand out bottled water and canned peaches.
Hulst, who is also the goat project leader, had to help one of her young charges with a goat-birthing emergency that morning, but she left the young cooks under the capable supervision of her daughter Sierra, Twin Palms community leader Lynette Plake,  and mothers Heather Dyer and Jennifer Collins."

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

World Homeless Action Day

Families, Children, Veterans, everyone in this poor economy should have a safe place where they can go at night and sleep without fear and their civil and constitutional rights violated. That’s why we need "safe ground". Redding needs a safe “legalized” campground where homeless folks can have clean water, bathrooms, and trash services until the City of Redding , Shasta County and the State of California is willing and able to provide adequate shelters and affordable housing for the growing numbers of homeless folks free of homeless camping tickets, criminalization and evictions.

10 / 10 / 2011 – a day to make a difference in the lives of people
homeless in your area……

Mayor Kevin Johnson speaking at Sacramento Steps Forward
anniverary event on his commitment to Safeground.

Friday, April 15, 2011

World Homeless Day

World Homeless Day  

The Official World Homeless Day website exists to resource local groups to take the concept of World Homeless Day and run with it to benefit homeless people locally in their area

.We want to source those great ideas and share them with others in different countries so collectively we can help homeless people more effectively and utilize World Homeless Day to the greatest advantage for everyone.


EVERYONE in Redding and Shasta County California can get involved by volunteering and starting food drives now or other events in your :

*Schools, Churches, Charities, Service Clubs, Businesses , Veterans organizations.

Please PASS THE WORD along ...

*Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, blogs and forums!

World Homeless Day 10/10/11 - Join Today ! Act Local... Think Global!