Saturday, July 28, 2012

Human Bones Found in Redding Henderson Open Space Homeless Camp Area

 Officer Bob Brannon, R. P. D. - Henderson Homeless Camp Raids

In an area easily accessible to a car or truck at the end of Henderson Road, Redding California Police Sgt. Al Mellon reported Human bones were found 7/25/2012 as police and others were working cleanup of the Henderson Open Space area , south of the Cypress Avenue Bridge.

Preliminary information from the lab indicates the bones had been there for "well over a year," he said.

Redding Homeless Blog must ask in an area heavely raided and enforced by the Redding Police Department and Officers from the California Department of Fish and Game, no offending odors were ever detected ?

Not by law enforcement ? Not by nature hikers ? Not by fisherman ? Not by the homeless ?

Not by members of the Henderson Neighborhood Open Space Group who regularly and ruthlessly patrols the area to turn in homeless camps and destroy their basic survival areas without compassion or pity ?

Looks like the Record Searchlight is a financial donor to the Community Creek Action Group which yearly destroys and unapologetically clears vegetation and life sustaining homeless camps in the Henderson Open Space without offering a compassionate alternative to the multitudes of homeless they displace. How about the Good News Rescue Mission ? No. California Faith Community Nursing ? Rotary Club of Redding ? How about Redding Electric Utilities which is a major contributor to homelessness in our area ? Simpson University students ? Yep all of them. Soon you can add Bethel Church.

                       Department of Fish and Game - Henderson Homeless Camp Raids

In an exclusive preliminary investigation and interviews of homeless, Redding Homeless Blog has discovered some interesting and shocking details.

In fact the area where the human remains were discovered is inhabited by several close knit camps of long time cronic homeless individuals. Nobody in the area ever remembers the smell of a human body rotting there.

More disturbing still it has been reported that one of the long time homeless of the area witnessed the placement of the board over which the skeletal remains were later found. Unaware several used the board for a seat, oblivious to the grisly contents underneath.

As you can imagine they are now in fear for their life. Still more shocking still, they have not been interviewed by any members of the Redding Police Department.

Area of homeless camps

It has also been reported to Redding Homeless Blog by members of the Redding Fire Department that several fires over the years were set in known homeless camps by people other than homeless trying to garner hatred for our local homeless polulation. Was the deposit of these human remains a step up from that playbook in order to cast aspersions on the homeless here as well ?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bethel Church and Redding Police Join Forces to Destroy Homeless Camps

Redding Olympic hopeful Ryan Hall's Bethel Church and Redding California Police join forces to destroy homeless camps, "cut high grass and low hanging branches" to drive them out of hiding.

Please listen to the Redding California police chief on KCNR Radio (starting about 1:10 minutes in)...about Bethel church, homeless encampments, and their civil and constitutional rights.

It is shocking.

Shocking for the fact that a huge Christian  Church is joining forces to help destroy homeless camp areas that they find refuge in. Why are we seeing so many homeless in the downtown area?  because this new police chief Robert Paoletti from Stockton has no compassion for the homeless and is forcing them out of their camps and into the streets, with many reports of their survival and personal possesions illegally thrown away.. If every city in California took his approach, where would the homeless go?

"Listen, my beloved brethren: Has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?   But you have dishonored the poor man. Do not the rich oppress you and drag you into the courts?   Do they not blaspheme that noble name by which you are called?"

James Chapter 2

Please Call Bethel Church 
and register your complaint today !! (530) 246-6000

7/18/2012 - I just received a return call about my complaint from a representative of Bethel Church saying that to join forces with Redding police and destroy homeless camps, "cut high grass and low hanging branches" to drive them out of hiding is
"doing their civic duty".

What happened to their duty to Christ ?

UPDATE - 7/22/2012 - Church joins war against the poor

Redding Coalition for the Homeless

UPDATE : 7/26/2012 -  Most folks come to Bethel Church and School of "Supernatural" Ministry from other Continents and Countries.

Do we really need foreigners coming into our country and community from New Zealand,  Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc... driving out American homeless and destroying their camps and basic survival shelters in our town?

Especially when Veterans make up one in four homeless people in the United States !!

Shame on local media for not bringing this to light.

Shame on Bethel, for what they are doing is not only Un Christian, but Un American as well...

Community clean-up crew find human bones while clearing a transient camp