Saturday, July 21, 2018

Marijuana Profit Fueled Redding Police to Battle Homeless

No secret here, seems diabolically obvious ... Redding California city government I believe will use new pot dispensary regulations and tax revenue to hire new "Marijuana" code enforcement officers to ride the already broken backs of our continually criminalized homeless population.

You know, the kind of Redding code enforcement officer that haunts the continually police raided homeless camps and homeless street population already, dressed impeccably in leather gloves to protect the fists, and a rather oversized "Flak jacket."   Modern day spiritual Roman Centurion ? A macabre representation of Redding City hall compassion to say the least.

For years the homeless who have tried to take refuge at the Good News Rescue Mission have confided to me they refuse to stay there because the program members run the facility like a " prison yard," And I can personally attest I have seen more drugs at the mission then on the street. Seems like a good representation of Redding Police Chief Roger Moore's description of South City Park at a recent city council meeting.

One day at a recently raided homeless camp, I asked the Redding police community service officer ... " Its just us ... tell me ... knowing what you know. would you, or if you had a family and no other option, stay at the Good News Rescue Mission?

"No" was his response.

So if Redding police community service officer Bob Brannon because of conditions would never stay at the mission, Redding's only night time homeless shelter, why do we expect the homeless population to freely want to do so?

Alas nowhere to go...

Monday, January 15, 2018

City of Redding Homeless Oppressors Take Over Martin Luther King Celebration

Year after year, a farce of political action takes place at the Redding Martin Luther King Center. A hypocritical fallacy of local political, religious, and non profit leaders trumpeting social action, under the guise of the hopes and aspirations of Martin Luther King Jr's "beloved community"

Unfortunately year after year, a beloved community that never includes Redding and Shasta Counties increasingly oppressed and criminalized homeless population.  Of course I suppose one cannot be as vocal about such a
marginalized community, when one sits in a MLK Center building bought and paid for by the City of Redding some years back. The same city of Redding that fights homelessness by closing public restrooms and shutting off public drinking fountains during scorching summer days

I suppose one cannot still be vocal when the very instruments of Redding homeless oppression are in attendance patting the flesh, shaking hands with those who show themselves subscribing to the ideals of MLK,s beloved community, but stand in stoney silence in the face of those Redding police who tear the very fabric of the "beloved community" dream criminalizing homelessness and making it a crime.

Redding Police Officer Ed Ochoa

Now this certainly on the day was brought up to Action News Now and KRCR TV News reporters on the scene. And one would think that life's reality and circumstances of those affected would make such news observations keenly felt. Does not the ravages of homelessness cross all cultural and racial divides?

KRCR TV News Reporter Sade Browne

One could only imagine today if Martin Luther King Jr was alive and in attendance of such a local Redding gathering what he would say to such a Redding Police officer, or Mayor, whose persecution of those who find themselves in homeless poverty surely would feel the same spiritual verbal lashing rebuke that the stone silent
religious leaders would find themselves under, for being homeless should never be a crime.

Redding Mayor Kristen Schreder

We find ourselves under such conditions ever more grateful to the convictions and courage of Martin Luther King Jr., and even more so to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who's atributes year after year have been absent from Reddings MLK celebrations, as well as those that they consider the least of the brethren as MLK's vision of a beloved community. It appears the Redding Martin Luther King Center is nothing more than a political subdivision of the City of Redding.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Sweep Trash Not People Redding


This blog entry is a call to action , a call for compassionate revolution really...

Its time for the city of Redding to take a new approach to those folks homeless and living outdoors. One that strikes a balance between protecting the constitutional and civil rights of the homeless and legitimate public health and safety concerns.

Shutting off public bathrooms and water fountains is not only unacceptably cruel it degrades and reduces the humanity of those affected, those that implement the actions, and the Redding community as a whole.

Stopping churches from physically and spiritually feeding and ministering to homeless in parks is simply another way the city of Redding has grasped hatred as a weapon against the poor and homeless.

Its time for all good people to let their voice be heard, a call to action to those who realize hate can never win, that love is and always will be the answer.

That demonizing a group of people for what ever reason find themselves homeless and treated like trash that can be swept up and thrown away during continuous so called quality of life police homeless camp sweeps damages the homeless, and never answers the question,

Where can they go?

Would you be interested in giving your time and energy to such a revolution?

The Sweep Trash Not People Redding  Facebook page is for those interested in advocating for a new approach to homelessness in Redding and Shasta County.

It wont be easy...

We need your talents, time and energy to fight such hatred that has permeated the entire community against the homeless. We must come together, for we have been silent for far to long and find the answer to what will it take City of Redding To Rip The Heart From Your Hate....?