Sunday, February 2, 2014

Global Homeless Day


Would you like to draw attention to the problems homeless and poor are suffering in your area and give homeless people a voice?

Would you like to help ? What can Church's, Schools, Youth groups, Businesses and others do ?

Please join homeless, hunger, and poverty advocates and activists from around the world every May 5th  as we celebrate and promote Global Homeless Day !

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Global Homeless Day

Global Homeless Day


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Redding California Homeless - Keep um moving...

It appears this Christmas season the holiday sentiments  "peace on earth goodwill towards men" we wish to one another does not include our everyday neighbors the poor and homeless we see languishing up and down our streets as if trapped in some kind of modern day World War 2 Bataan "forced" death march.

Of course the American Indians and how we "forced" them down far more than one trail of tears as well also comes to mind, a form of torture to be sure.

Keep um moving...

What a shame on the streets of Redding their poor and homeless are treated just shy of how we treat captured enemy combatants on the streets of Fallujah Iraq.

Indeed the Iraqi combatants would receive food and water and shelter. As for Redding and that matter California's growing homeless Families, Veterans, Men, Women and Children...?

Keep um moving...

We have another phrase Americans hold dear, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Unfortunately forced marchers weary of torture and sub freezing temperatures, and loss of necessary survival gear die.  From Redding City Council communications to Redding Police and its Army Reserve Police Chief Robert Paoletti , orders appear and seem abundantly clear and to be carried out at no matter what the cost.

Keep um moving...