Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vigilante groups invade Redding California homeless

"Guardian Standoff " - a News

of vigilante:  "A member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate); broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice."

Sad really as these groups and local media have been creating for years a dynamic that have folks hating the people who are being oppressed in our community and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.

Just who are the groups that have taken on the definition of vigilantism as a mission statement here in Redding? Has ex police chief Robert Paoletti opened the door for a multitude of violations of civil and constitutional rights of the most poor and vulnerable of our community ?

Redding Guardian Angles

If  the City of Redding, its police, and its chief cannot handle and lack the training to effectively and safely deal with those with mental issues and have subjected Redding to legal trouble as this  Sacramento Bee News article states:
"Lawsuit: Redding police beat, suffocated mentally ill Chico man" what measures and background checks as well as training are given to these groups ?

Will untrained, unskilled members of the Redding Guardian Angels subject the city to liabilities of civil and constitutional right violation lawsuits in the future?

Disturbing photo : Redding California Guardian Angels

Take Back Redding / Shasta Support Services

Is it fair to have Shasta Support Services 
go out into the deep brush of our community to do the local "point in time" census on local homeless and their locations only to turn them in to law enforcement at a later date ? The more homeless that are reported the more funds to combat homelessness are available...

Would a recall of 2 city council members by these groups really cost tax payers of the city of Redding 200, 000 dollars as reported in local media? Even though it is so close to the end of their terms ?

These groups I believe LOVE to hide behind good deeds such as "Invasive Species Eradication" of non native plant life to destroy known homeless camp locations or "Community Clean Up" days to also destroy known homeless camp locations and confiscate necessary living and life sustaining food and sleeping gear as well as the last of their worldly possessions.

Dale Ball - Take Back Redding /Shasta Support Services

The Redding Area Transient Patrol group or R.A.T. Patrol

From the local news article we have shocking 
"Controversial Facebook page targets homeless" group that claims to shine light on the homeless situation in Redding. However, homeless advocates are concerned the group is promoting violence against the homeless. Posts on the group refer to "eradicating" the homeless population, using what advocates call "violent and inhumane" acts.

"Some members have suggested filling up squirt guns with urine and spraying them while they sleep, or putting bear traps in dumpsters," Lee said. "I haven't personally done that, but if people are doing that, good for them."

Violence reported against Redding homeless

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Support Redding City Council Kristen Schreder - Say NO to Take Back Redding Recall Efforts !

Why would a group called Take Back Redding or what seems like the same group Shasta Support Services want to recall a Redding City Councilperson who has went far and above any of her colleagues on the council ever have past or present?  Kristen Schreder , Redding city council should be commended not recalled for her POSITIVE SOLUTIONS TO THE HOMELESS POPULATION OF OUR COMMUNITY.

"Recall targets two Redding City Council members"

"Take Back Redding member Dale Ball announces the recall of Redding City Council members Francie Sullivan and Kristen Schreder." -  Sean Longoria, Redding Record Searchlight

Solutions that certainly respect the civil and constitutional rights of the homeless which guard against civil liabilities that leave municipalities penniless. Her desire for Shasta County to join in the conversation of solutions is spot on. And certainly her desires expand to much more than a one tool box fix ( RPD Criminalization) which many cities have come to discover NEVER WORKS!, and is unfair to Redding Police Dept members. It has been said " That if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem", and I think it is becoming quite clear that individuals and groups demonize, ostracize, and attempt to recall those who come with honest, positive intentions. If you attack plans to build a homeless day center, or a village of tiny homes, or a homeless tent camp then you are indeed part of the problem.... Who does the vetting of Take Back Redding / Shasta Support Services members ? Why would they be allowed to establish relationships and trust to go into and discover homeless camp areas to do the Point in time homeless survey here then later Shasta Support Services members are quoted in local news media saying "they call law enforcement if they come across any homeless activity."?

"Shasta Support Service co-founder Dale Ball (center) consults with volunteers near the end of the work day. He and his neighbor, Michael Roberts, joined in Redding-area cleanups more than a year ago before forming their own community service group, Shasta Support Service." - Richard DuPertuis, a