Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shasta County Sheriff Bosenko a breath of fresh air in corrupt court system

In Redding the storm of fellow human hatred intensifies, created by the dark dynamics of those presumed to be in control, and ignored by those presumed to be in spiritual authority.

A dynamic that finds Shasta Counties lady liberty not only blindfolded, but deaf and dumb as well...

Can retired Superior Court Judge Steven Jahr really make an argument based solely on "Piecing together press accounts of the Graham matter," as he suggests in his 'Bosenko wrongly blaming judge" Speak your piece editorial ?

May I with all due respect present some facts....

Squalor, extreme poverty, decay, drugs, disease can all be found festering in ramshackle structures, trailers, and some homeless camps all over Shasta County.

Garbage often overflows from hoarding issues, a sign of other possible mental problems to be sure.

Add extreme heat temperatures to the mix for those trapped in this suffering torment one must ask who is the voice for the innocent voiceless ?

Yes babies, infants and children live in these conditions right here where YOU live Mr Jahr.

So in this day of growing law enforcement mistrust how refreshing and courageous it is to find our Sheriff so concerned with the safety of the community, and an immediate concern for a suspect that now has proven dramatically and prophetically to be a danger to self and others.

Perhaps it is a preponderance and history of poor decisions on the part of Judge Cara Beatty that "fuels publicly renewed criticism" by Sheriff Bosenko ?

Perhaps this is part of a larger, far darker and tragic scenario that is playing out here than missing baby Ember.

Cara Beatty can take care of herself Judge Jahr, innocents need your efforts and writing skills.