Sunday, December 25, 2016

Redding Homeless - Christmas Morning 2016

Redding Homeless -Sub Freezing -  Suffering Down Town Mall

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Redding Homeless Suffering DownTown Mall

Redding California Early Morning Sun Rise Sub Freezing Temperatures

Redding Homeless Suffering DownTown Mall

Mayor Brent Weaver, City Council Francie Sullivan, Kristen Schreder, Police Chief Robert Paoletti

Frozen Redding RailRoad Tracks

Frozen Redding RailRoad Tracks

Redding Homeless - Sub Freezing South City Park

Redding Homeless - Sub Freezing -  Library

Redding Homeless - Sub Freezing Library

Redding Homeless - Sub Freezing Down Town

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  1. My son Jerry was picked up walking down the railroad tracks early one cold morning, Next thing he knows he is being taken to a mental hospital in Los Angels for being homeless.Judge Beatty said he wont be there long and she would leave it up to him on if he want to take the medicine well he has been there since Oct.2016 and now they are threating to tie him to a bed and make him take there medicine all he want's is for them to let him come to me and his father is and he will never go back to Shasta county for any reason. But just like the judge who sent him there you can not get a hold of her at all she doesn't care what is going on with him once he leaves that court room, And they have gotten him out of Redding,Ca. Now I'm trying figure out how I get him out of there. there is one guy that has been there for 2 month's and he has been tied to his bed since he got there does that sound like that's the way they should be treated. thank you.