Sunday, May 21, 2017

Is it dangerous camping at California's Whiskeytown Lake Oak Bottom Campground ?

I just got back from a meeting with the supervisor of Oak Bottom Campground and Marina at Whiskeytown lake in California who I perceived as threatening me with physical violence for telling you folks about what goes on at Oak Bottom campground when I was a security guard there. "Nobody is coming to the campground or lake because of my internet bad mouthing".he says.

I call it the truth or better yet a testimony.

Im thinking its the head and other body parts free floating in the Whiskeytown lake but what do I know. Needless to say he has bought himself an internet recap of my experiences there because I believe there are serious safety issues.

“Despite the exhaustive efforts made to locate both of Bridget Jacobs’ hands and head, they remain unrecovered,” Edwards said in a written statement.

1 There is allegedly  a Memorandum of Understanding with Oak Bottom Campground and Marina concessionaires that Whiskeytown Law Enforcement Park Rangers respond after hours to the campground when security calls and needs help. On three separate occasions when I called National Park Service dispatchers in SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, ( Whiskeytown has no night dispatchers? ) needing help for guests of the campground, they called me back saying they went down list and none of the Rangers would wake up, get out of bed and answer the phone in my opinion causing a serious delay in response time. After one incident like this a Whiskeytown Park Ranger apologized saying they all didn't answer their phone because they had a planned Marijuana raid early that next morning and needed their rest !!! Shasta County Sheriff or Highway patrol would have to respond. The area by the way should be absorbed by the Sheriffs dept for law enforcement purposes. I think it is due to piss poor management at Oak Bottom that these park "Rangers" legally cannot be set straight . Just my opinion.

2 The campground according to another supervisor of Oak Bottom has said they have had shootings and stabbings occur IN THE PAST THAT YOU NEVER SEEM TO SEE OR HEAR OF IN THE MEDIA. A sheriff who responded to a call late one night told me he moonlights as a security officer at campgrounds at Shasta Lake and said they "NEVER ' have this many problems and that he as well as another park ranger said they would not want my job for nothing. I must ask myself is this because of years of piss poor management?

3 Although I complained over and over the lights where you park your boats, cars, and expensive camping gear are solar powered with inferior batteries that all go out about 130 to 2 in the morning leaving those objects I have described in PITCH BLACKNESS. The campground, parking lots, marina, boat and RV parking all have this problem. I must ask myself again is this because of years of piss poor management?

4 Upset, Chief Law Enforcement officer for Whiskeytown at the time Chris Mengel, gave me his card, upset at situation and that I should call him........Nothing

One man with nothing more than a flashlight from 6 pm till 230 am is what is between YOU camping and some of the most absolute scariest freaks camping out at Oak Bottom known to man....... A SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUE !!

I think if I was camping at Oak Bottom campground I would NOT FEEL SAFE unless the Security Guard was packing a gun for guests immediate protection.... Change desperately needs to occur. Huge safety issues and what I think are years of piss poor management concerned with nothing more than the dollar bottom line. I think that you enter and stay at Oak Bottom campground you camp at your own risk !!! Just My Opinion.


  1. Its no wonder bodies are dumped at Whiskeytown lake in broad daylight with those kind of lazy ass primadonna park service law enforcement rangers

  2. What does this have to with defending homeless people?

  3. Always blaming the homeless

    1. Have you camped here? Its become a camp for homeless whuch is fine if they were law abiding but they are not. There is a lot if violence, most if it drug and alcohol fueled. Dont believe us , go down and spend night after welfare benefits are loaded on card for month, 3-10th. You"ll come back with a new appreciation for what she is trying to do

    2. Homeless are tbe biggest problem in tbis area and law enforcement does nothing about them. The homeless ARE mentally unstable drugged up addicts tbat dont give one fuck about anything otber than their next fix and how tbey are going to pay for it. They need to go!

  4. It is an ABSOLUTE ABOMINATION for one public safety security organization to call another;(Whiskeytown NPS Rangers) for back up in their own park and jurisdiction and have them refuse to answer the phone to respond.

  5. Homeless people are not all drug addicts and not all drug addicts are homeless.
    There are plenty of LEGAL TWEAKERS a.k.a. Alcoholics/pill poppers that are just as crazy and just as much part of the problem. It is extremely ignorant and hateful to Say that Redding's issues can be blamed on one single group of people.
    It's almost like we all forgot that we are ALL HUMAN. And instead of improving the situation that we are in, we point fingers and blame. That is not the answer and until people start actually working toward treating everyone as brothers and sisters , we will stay stuck in the quick sand. That's what the powers that be want us to do and you are playing the part well.

  6. I agree that all drug addicts and alcoholics are not homeless. But the homeless ones are the ones harassing people everywhere they go, taking over our most beautiful spots in Redding for hardworking families that deserve to enjoy, but can't! Because they are systematically being destroyed one by one. Our parks, children's baseball fields, river trails, EVERYTHING!!!I am personally done with these people! Me and my family are constantly harassed, and I'm sick of it. No I don't have any "extra" change. I need it to take care of my family. I work for a living, have my whole life. I have no tolerance for this any longer. You can have your "brothers and sisters"!!! Wake up~