Friday, December 5, 2014

"Redding's Good News Rescue Mission turned away 500 people last year."

Shocking news from the Good News Rescue Mission, Redding and Shasta Counties ONLY night time homeless shelter.

Reported at a recent town hall safety meeting in a Tweet by Record Searchlight / Redding .com News Reporter Katie Gillespie

To be ticketed by Shasta County or Redding Police for homeless sleeping now seems more than ever a very real violation of homeless persons Civil and Constitutional rights

'They have no place': Rousted, relocated, Redding's homeless have few choices.

"As the county's only shelter, the mission is scarcely equipped to handle its homeless population, said Community Relations Director Ken White.

"We're feeling extraordinarily overwhelmed by the amount of services needed by people in the community," he said. "If the economy worsens, or even stays as it's been, that could be a very at-risk population as a community I don't feel like we're very prepared to service at this point."

The mission has only about 120 beds, he said, but because staff members try to help everyone they can, up to 70 extra guests at a time often sleep on the chapel floor.

"There's a huge need," he said.

And the mission's 30-day time limit means it's hardly a solution to Redding's homelessness situation, he said".

City Council member hears threats of baseball bats against homeless and their camps, Redding Police release map!

Redding California Police release map of known homeless camps at a city wide Redding Convention Center safety meeting ( #SafeRedding ) after Redding city council person Missy McArthur receives messages from vigilantes wanting to go out into the homeless camps and send them a message with baseball bats.

Im getting calls, emails, and on – the street comments about this No.1 issue. Things like : “Let’s take some bats and show transients we don’t want them here.”

Redding California's Councilwoman Missy McArthur’s “Speak Your Piece"

Meeting map tweet from Record Searchlight  / reporter at meeting Alayna Shulman

Seems a police and city official created dynamic hardly conducive to the health, safety, and well being of our local homeless men and women, as well as the growing numbers of our homeless families, children, and veterans.

"Redding Good News Rescue Mission turned away 500 people last year."
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  1. Let me know how I can help and get involved.

  2. I think the UCLA should be called to see if their are repercussion for those doing bodily harm and those whose speech are encouraging bodily harm on the poor and the homeless. They historically got involved when California communities tried to run off the homeless in the dust bowl days.