Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Redding Record Searchlight, Politics & Death

At a recent city wide so called Safe City Project , with its leader April LaFrance , and interesting admonition was made, and Tweeted by a Redding Record Searchlight Reporter.

With the Good News Rescue Mission being the ONLY nightime rescue mission shelter in all of Redding and Shasta County California this fact, if reported... this crucial Tweet... if turned into a news story would rally the generous and caring community Redding has become, and positive steps surely would be taken that would change the dynamics of homelessness in our community, and quite possibly SAVE LIVES.

Not only that, If the facts and truth were released, to be ticketed by Redding Police Chief Robert Paoletti and his department for homeless sleeping now would be more than ever a very real violation of homeless persons civil and constitutional rights.

A situation here in Redding already determined to be cruel and unusual punishment in other California cities  by a Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Needless to say, in those cities positive changes were made, services added, lives saved....

Indeed one would think the Record Searchlight  /  Redding.com as a whole would be interested in the health, safety, and well being of our local homeless families, children, and veterans.

With temperatures that can dip to single digits in the winter here you would like to believe there is a news reporter somehow, somewhere with the courage and compassion to report on this crucial Tweet information.

Tweet information that Redding California's desperate homeless have long been painfully aware...

"Redding Good News Rescue Mission turned away 500 people last year."
14 Degree Wind chill 7 a.m.

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  1. This poem was written to help bring attention to the growing homeless in America. Every year on December 21 the longest night of the year. A service is held across the country in remembrance of those that have died homeless in our streets within the year. You can help just by sharing this poem. Because when people no longer feel alone there is even more hope. This poem holds no monetary value. Yet words are humans most powerful tool to reach the heart of every human being. Not only for communication but for the inspiration of hope they can provide. Dream Big, Hope and Belief Equals The Power To Overcome!
    Church On The Hill
    We are all strong people, Born with free will
    Though the torture of life, Can be so surreal
    Many taking there punches, Fighting for whats right
    Still sometimes they lose, In winning the fight
    Often lost in the wonder, Of hearts in dis-spare
    Still if you ask, Many have stories they'll share
    Some are more common, Though not all the same
    They are runaways beggars, Even soldiers in vain
    Cast all out among us, Are those hiding in pain
    Some minds seen as weak, Just try and stay sane
    Many are proud people, Who have faced all kinds of shame
    Adoptive of life’s labels, As they were hung to their names
    Some trust only in God, As they wonder through the nights
    Searching for the answers, Hoping to make things right
    Hiding in buildings and darkness, Back alleys and cars
    Sleeping out in the open, While praying under the stars
    Covered by cardboard and leaves, Blankets or tucked hands
    Some have visions of missions, While trying to understand
    From the lessons in life, To just pure circumstance
    Even given no choice, They still dare dream to dance
    The homeless lining the streets, By day and by night
    As some reach out helping, With the struggles they fight
    Others are hoping and praying, Within all of their might
    Yet we stand here together, Lighting candles on this night
    For those who did not make it, Some once had a good life
    Listen as the bells ring, In remembrance of there strife
    With Gods undeviating love, Cherish all that's in sight
    And for those that still suffer, Let us pray in God's name
    That his love and compassion, Keep you safe once again
    As all life is precious, That was ever once held
    May God lead you and guide you, Beyond where life failed
    And for those that may not make it, Through this long cold night
    May you be found in heaven, In spite of life's plight
    May you be standing with God, In awe of his sight
    May your lives find new meaning, And still be fulfilled
    As we look for you again, At the church on the hill
    by Terry S Bradley
    Copyright © Protected