Thursday, March 12, 2015

Redding California Police Chief Paoletti Verses Commands of Jesus Christ

Lester - 71 years old - Redding Homeless

One may find themselves asking as of late
why is the love in our community growing so cold for the poor, the homeless, what Jesus calls"The Least of these My Brethern  ?

Surly no city official would very publicly say in one breath "Nobody tells me what to do" at his last quarterly town hall meeting and yet have the audacity to tell God in the next how His ministries and charities need to be ran and by what amount of love and compassion may be applied to His people?

One without a doubt would find themselves very directly opposing the desires and direction of that very same God.

Homeless people good, Transients bad Redding California Police Chief Robert Paoletti?

For we are directed  quite clearly by his son Jesus Christ that we are NOT to separate or differentiate  who is worthy of His Love   ...and who is not.

Who is good? ...  Who is bad...  Who is Wheat? And who is a Tare Redding Police Chief ?

Oh thanks due to in large part to police chief Robert Paoletti the talk in Redding California as of late has reached a fevered divisive pitch.. What is a homeless person ? What is a transient ? Is one worthy of love and another is not?

Should a policeman dictate to the Christian organizations that serve them who should stay, and who should be gathered up and removed?

Now homeless Lester who's pictures you see  is a perfect example of what is called hospital patient dumping.

Will Lester possibly see any justice from the Redding Police Department and chief Paoletti and his seat on  Prime Healthcare's Hospital Board ?

Not Likely...

Who is Wheat ... And who is a Tare?

Shasta County Mental Health Center Director Dean Germano recently was quoted in the news as saying chief Paoletti's recent town hall comments on the local homeless population were "Bizarre", and his perceived by many as a negative comment about the Shasta County Hope Van for poor and homeless left many in the community shocked and dismayed.

A wonderful compassionate resource retired Redding Police Chief Peter Hansen helped develop in the City

No one really can imagine a government official directly opposing the commands of Jesus Christ and of all things expecting HIS Christian Charities to do the same ?

One again cannot imagine this same Redding Police chief AGAIN directly opposing the desires and commands of Jesus Christ wanting the Good News Rescue Mission to stop serving three free meals a day ?

Sometimes we love people nobody else will in hopes that they survive just another day... And that God will provide a Healing Miracle.

Who is good? ...  Who is bad...  Who is Wheat? And who is a Tare Redding Police Chief ?

Lester - 71 years old - Redding Homeless


  1. thank you brother Chris for keeping these bastards feet to the fire.

  2. That's whats up~~~and without a doubt this is the seperation of the wheat and the tares~~~as it is also written~~`it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the gates of Heaven.