Saturday, June 7, 2014

Redding Police Officers take back South City Park , How about give back the restrooms?

Redding Mayor Rick Bosetti, Redding Police, and Record Searchlight Photographer at the take back the park event.

Many caring and compassionate individuals feel that local media has been creating as of late a dynamic that have folks hating the people who are being oppressed in our community and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.

The Redding Police Officers Association who wants the community to take back South City Park from the homeless and transients who use it daily and give it back to families, hosted  a daylong event Saturday that was marred by controversy, injury, and a lack of public attendance.


One must ask themselves, where do folks relieve themselves at this event, as the only public restroom was locked up tight and unusable for both event goers and homeless alike, a taste of what it is like in much of the downtown Redding area.

Much has been spoken of in the Redding area of the sex trade, and teen girls being forced to provide sex for pimps in the Redding California community. There are approximately 1.7 million homeless teens in the U.S. Often times young vulnerable populations of homeless teens can be found and targeted by these pimps in exactly where the Redding Police Officers Association wants to shoo them away from .... South City Park.

As a community, do we want to take back the park back from them? Is that the best we can do ?

Creating and spinning the dynamics of fear, unwarranted generalizations, and pushing the demonization of a population with no voice of their own spiritually weakens and degrades the community at large.

Perhaps the Redding City council and Police Department needs to rethink taking back anything from the homeless including their tents, sleeping bags and other personal possessions and survival gear and consider returning what you have taken for years now that may very well assist in their coming out of homelessness... Their dignity


  1. Lorraine Joiner Something good is happening for the oppressed. I go to the River and the trail almost every day. They are helping me pick up the trash the tourists leave. A big problem is people fishing. They leave their tangled fishing line (dangerous to the water fowl) and packaging. I never see trash from the homeless on the river. They cannot afford the expensive fishing tackle evidence left behind, nor the cigarette packages.

  2. Chris -- it sounds like your city council & board of supervisors could benefit from reading what the UN Rep for Clean Water & Sanitation said about Sacramento being in violation of treaties & agreements we're signatory to. They ignore at tbeir own peril. Given the right circumstances some little homeless minion is going to sue them all the way back to the Stone Age!

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