Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bad News at the Good News Rescue Mission - Redding Homeless Families With Children

Meet John and Michelle, with their children ages 1, 5 , and 8 years of age. They are homeless here in Redding California in front of the Cypress Street Safeway. Unable to stay at the Good News Rescue Mission due to using their 30 days of eligibility there.

Now due to the Missions policy they must wait another 30 days before they can stay there again.They have been threatened by the Redding Police Department in their continuing effort to criminalize homelessness in our community.

What agency here in Redding is taking in the our share of the California "prison dumps" and just how much is that agency getting paid by the state per parolee ??

It is my understanding there are so many parole "prison dumps" in the Good News Rescue Mission's program that its being run like a prison complete with homeless being subject to prison dump mentality and prison yard attitude.

The Good News Rescue Mission is the only night time homeless shelter in all of Redding and Shasta County.

There is a book going around the charity circuit claiming folks besides established charity groups are enabling the homeless. In Redding they are taking it a step further as Living Hope Ministry plans to stop serving prepared meals on site, and the only breakfast, lunch and dinner rescue mission seems to be making their food as less palatable as possible, (rice and gravy for dinner) in hopes of  homeless people saying  the hell with this and better themselves, or simply move along to another town.

John has told me, as well as many homeless here over the years that the best donations of food, meat and drinks go to the program members as well as staff of the mission taking the best donations home, while the homeless eat just that, rice and gravy for dinner.

Redding Coalition for the Homeless


  1. I use to work at Best Choice pizza(take and bake) in shasta lake.The boss donated unsold pizza to the Redding Mission.Best choice pizza closed about a year after they wrongfully layed me off. I went to the mission one day for the food give away and was told by someone in their kitchen that they go through and pick the good stuff out and doul it out to employees and staff for them to take home. And that they give the crappy food and what they dont want to take home out to the homeless. I told my boss about it. He stopped donating the unsold pizza. The Mission of all places is so crooked.They are suppose to help the homeless not themselves.

  2. The "Redding Colition for the Homeless" is one of the most useless websites in the world.

    In fact, their whole "Mission" is worthless!

  3. dave honey stated that they get no funding from govermunt what about all the proles that at 1.250 per eatch of them per month not one but 36 thrue the california state perole dept mostly sex ofenders less than one mile from schools nor the children on sight

  4. Why don't you use all this energy and make the rescue mission a better place. You are not helping the community by blasting the only place that is the ONLY night time homeless shelter. Either help to improve it or start your own. All your doing with this negativity is preventing people from donating... and that only affects the people you are trying to help to begin with. I don't know anything about the rescue mission, I've never been there or am affiliated with it in any way. I'm just commenting because I don't see how this website is helping anyone. You bag on a resource in the area, but you don't have any solutions. This is not helping anyone!!!

  5. The mission employees DO NOT take food for themselves. This is a rumor that's been going around for years and only hurts the mission and their guests. They also do not have sex offenders staying there. Every person is check and if it comes up someone is a sex offender they have to find other shelter because of the children. The mission is a Christian organization which takes no government funding of any kind and does everything they can to keep all guests safe.

  6. First off, I am not against helping the homeless. What I am against is the fact that some Redding (probably newcomers)do-gooders want to raise taxes to support programs like the housing and etc. for the homeless.Most, not all, have had choices to make in their lives as we did, and chose to do bad things which got them in the place they are in. These people need to wake up. The more we give the more they want. Raise money however you like, but do not involve us in something we do not believe in. Stop the freebies like cell phones. Somewhere we, the taxpayers pay. Nothing is free.