Saturday, August 25, 2012

Redding Homeless Outreach - Echoes of Calvary

Pastor Rod & Kay Kincaid

Echoes of Calvary

The Bible says faith without works is dead, so it is my pleasure to tell you of this Church who's faith is very much alive. On friday evenings  Echoes of Calvary invites their homeless friends to a picnic to spiritually and physically feed the poor and homeless of Redding and Shasta County California as well as give necessities away.

Men, Women, Families and Children are treated every friday in the park to a musical prayer and praise service followed by preaching from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then a delicious dinner is served.

"We believe that the "Church" has a much greater design and predestined purpose than just waiting for the 2nd coming, and that there is a fullness that God desires to reveal to hungry hearts and empty vessels."

Austen Phillips(Park Ministry)

Word is out about this powerful and encouraging Christian ministry "Preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. " Donations for this charity are greatly needed. If you would like to help the homeless and volunteer to help the Park Ministry, or you are looking for a home church please contact them at Echoes of Calvary Church,  21132 Ronald St. Anderson CA, 96007  (530) 365-3233


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