Thursday, August 16, 2012

Has Redding's Living Hope Lost Their Own ?

From Bethel Church joining forces with the Redding California Police Department to destroy homeless camps when they have nowhere else to go, to Living Hope Compassion Ministries plan to take food FREELY donated by Church's and Trader Joes and SELL food boxes to the poor, have even churches forsaken Love and Mercy ?

With their plan to stop serving food donated by the community and expected to go to the poor and homeless, and instead take that food FREELY donated and SELL it in their new restaurant for a profit , one must ask Mike Mojarro Executive Director what happened to "freely you have received, freely give" ?

And plans are in the future the poor and homeless can forget Living Hope as their only inclement weather day shelter here in the winter when the Good News Rescue Mission kicks them out for the day. Should work perfectly with Redding Police Departments war on the poor  as they ramrod the homeless every chance they get at the Shasta County Library. The poor and homeless will be on every street corner scaring away investors in any future retail development, and any families moving here for any future manufacturing jobs.

And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

And it appears there is no more room for church services at Living Hope Compassion Ministries as apparently the church sanctuary will be removed as well. Will the cross be removed next ? How does all this make the Gospel of Jesus Christ come alive?

If any of this concerns you please call Mike Mojarro Executive Director of Living Hope Ministries at (530) 243 - 8066

1043 State Street Redding, CA 96001


  1. You know, I used to be homeless from 1991 through 1996, Life itself was a big challenge for those are in great needs and lotta of help, support.

    There are several kinds of homeless as I grew into homeless myself, some are unemployed, lost homes due to fires...other kinds are addictions,scamming peoples,aggressive panhandling, even as for myself back in those days, I never sit on sidewalk or just roam around customers or passer -by asking for changes or a hand-out, the real way of surviving is offer a few chore tasks to earn tips , or better yet a hot meals...and worst of all kind of homeless, the ones that hides from public most of the time"criminals" they are homeless by choice because they rather not get expose by the public, most of them got issues and got loads of warrants on their id card, now if anyone were to try to break up homeless encampment due to silly reasons or a political reasons? best to hand out notices in advance, you also got to remember , not all homeless are on the same page with the police /ministry request, it can get very ugly if some of these homeless are fully loaded on drugs or drunk in public, they need to used proper homeless people skills in order to work with them, you can't just give them a order to brush them away from their camp, the moment you invades their property? they are only asking for troubles/problems...

  2. Haven't you heard that Bethel is full of little 'Jesus' with at least one hole in their hands, feet and side and their back and head is full of scares. RPD is g-d? What is one to do? I know! Keep the homeless and poor deep in fines, running around in circles of red tape just for the essentials of life! If that does not work they can always drum up bogus felony counts of 'terrorism' in order to 'third strike' someone out or at least use the 'plea bargain' to make them really think about moving out of the City if they do not run like hell.

    What can one say? What can one do? The leaders is well aware of the problems, however, because it does effect their street, they bury their heads in the sand going about their business as if no problem exists, separating themselves from the 'undesirable elements'. Yet they do not realize that it was them who if not created the situation, they surly build upon the negativism of it. Well, Divine Law says that "whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap". That Law, NO ONE is above. Of course this does not help the homeless, yet in unity many things can be accomplished! A willingness to loose one's life for what they believe in order to receive the basic inherent rights that the US Constitution accords us, this will move mountains. Great job Chris...keep this dreadful situation in the public eye. Eventually, someone will see this thing for what it is. Shalom Blessings Agape!

  3. I have wanted to speak out for some time. I've been homeless 3yrs. Living in my vehicle. Food stamps. Scrapping to pay for a cell phone (in case a job opportunity arises). Car insurance is due. $30 dollars on me. No income. Applied for 5 jobs (which I qualify for) in the last 1.5 weeks. Clean driving record. No criminal history. Experienced in a variety of things. Very healthy. I'm not a druggie or drunk. Not on meds. Don't LOOK like homeless person. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I'm not looking for handouts. I've done some misc work in the 3 yrs. I'm just freakin tired, discouraged. I really don't want to even live anymore. If people don't want us homeless (including gov't), why not offer a death pill. I'm not trying to be humorous. I would take it. Nobody wants us here anyway! I sure don't want to be a burden to the system. Do you have ANY idea how exhausting it is to have a desire to even pursue living? Daily I face thoughts of suicide. This crappy existence scrapping change to even apply for a job? Holding on because God MIGHT change something tomorrow? Kill us homeless and wash your hands you people that don't want us. Just remember...Jesus said ' White washed tombs filled with dead man' bones '. I am not bashing you editor of this blog, by no means. I am venting because I'm just tired of this all. I am in my 50's (u wouldn't know it by looking at me) and who wants us anyway. I look forward to heaven, cuz I can't stand to see the downfall of this planet anymore. Thank u for this blog.

  4. I to was homeless in redding as a teen. It was hard 2 years ago homeless again sleeping with girlfriend and dog in car. It hurts not having the oportunity nor the resources. Nobody cares is what we get. The only thimg we have left is hope if that is gone pray it returns