Friday, September 8, 2017

Sweep Trash Not People Redding


This blog entry is a call to action , a call for compassionate revolution really...

Its time for the city of Redding to take a new approach to those folks homeless and living outdoors. One that strikes a balance between protecting the constitutional and civil rights of the homeless and legitimate public health and safety concerns.

Shutting off public bathrooms and water fountains is not only unacceptably cruel it degrades and reduces the humanity of those affected, those that implement the actions, and the Redding community as a whole.

Stopping churches from physically and spiritually feeding and ministering to homeless in parks is simply another way the city of Redding has grasped hatred as a weapon against the poor and homeless.

Its time for all good people to let their voice be heard, a call to action to those who realize hate can never win, that love is and always will be the answer.

That demonizing a group of people for what ever reason find themselves homeless and treated like trash that can be swept up and thrown away during continuous so called quality of life police homeless camp sweeps damages the homeless, and never answers the question,

Where can they go?

Would you be interested in giving your time and energy to such a revolution?

The Sweep Trash Not People Redding  Facebook page is for those interested in advocating for a new approach to homelessness in Redding and Shasta County.

It wont be easy...

We need your talents, time and energy to fight such hatred that has permeated the entire community against the homeless. We must come together, for we have been silent for far to long and find the answer to what will it take City of Redding To Rip The Heart From Your Hate....?


  1. While stopping off in Redding today for gas I met a mom and son with a rare skin disease and are also homeless. The son was in a wheel chair and his name was Eric. I believe the mom's name was Donna. They were at the Arco on Churn Creek Road. It's such a devastating situation. I guess my first question would be are you familiar with them? Either way, they are desperate for medical care and a safe place to live. I was able to provide them with some help but being that I'm not from Redding my local resources are limited. I'd love to do whatever I can to help them get into a better situation. My email is Thanks so much!

  2. I think your heart is in the place. However, what about the 99% whom want to use public places. What about families that cant use the parks? Why sbould the vast majority of Redding citizens be punished for people that are criminals drug addicts, and drains?