Saturday, October 5, 2013

Homeless in Redding - Sacramento River Trail Community Clean Up 2013 World Homeless Action Day

One of many Sacramento River Trail homeless campers displaced today.

Tammy from Redding: On Rape, Murder, Parkview "Clean Up"
and Her Life on the Streets

Wonderful homeless advocates protested the destruction of Redding California homeless camps today during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression .

The protest was a World Homeless Action Day 2013 event.

A curiously small group of individuals attended the Community Creek Cleanup 2013 at the Sacramento River Trail, most of the work I am sure left undone.

Students from Bethel Church, Shasta and Foothill High Schools and others, the McConnell foundation, California Conservation Core, Redding Rotary, Redding Electric Utilities , R.E.U. and others destroyed homeless river trail survival camp and beautiful fishing areas during the Redding Shasta Community River Trail Clean Up 2013.

Sadly at least one of these was parked there today, and Monsanto's Round Up will most likely be applied in the next several days. Does City of Redding Monsanto herbicide spraying causing chaos with our local eagle population ?

What happens to homeless camping possessions confiscated by Redding Police Officer Bob Brannon ? Where does the City of Redding store their personal possessions ?

It looks like this particular Redding Sacramento "Community Creek Clean-up" now and in the future is going through Indian camping archaeological sites as well as a VERY sensitive turtle ponds. Just like the Henderson Open Space project heartlessly driving away the homeless, destroying important vegetative cover for riparian wildlife, City of Redding / Rotary Randy Smith spraying Monsanto's Round Up and contributing to global warming.

Ask Community Services Director for the City of Redding if consideration was given to the displaced homeless during the 2013 Sacramento River Trail Community Creek Clean up day.


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