Saturday, September 28, 2013

Missing in Redding more than James Randolph Olsen

Last seen in Redding California Police Dept. on September 1, 2010, James Randolph Olsen from Gresham Oregon walked in said he was homeless and needed help. Bi - polar and diabetic , a quote from James North American Missing Persons Network  page states :

" They directed him to the Good News Rescue Mission. For unknown reasons, James was asked to leave the Mission and was suspended from returning for 30 days. He did not return. His illness causes him to appear intoxicated but he does not drink. James is quite ill both mentally and physically." The Redding California Police had contact 2 other times  with James. The last one was on September 3, 2010. James, in the area of the Good News Rescue Mission flagged down an officer and asked for directions.  The officer found the missing person report on James and contracted Gresham Police. The officer said that James appeared to be living a "transient lifestyle".   The police officer asked James where he was staying and he pointed to a van. He said he was looking for the man in the wheel chair. James may have befriended a handicapped man who had a van and possibly got into the van with this man. This was the last time anyone has reported seeing James. 

Granddaughter Ashley with James

Well James Randolph Olsen has a loving and concerned granddaughter by the name of Ashley, who has came down from Oregon to search homeless camps and pass out flyers in the chance she may find her beloved Grandfather here in Redding.

Ashley was staying at the Good News Rescue Mission while she conducted her searches through the many many homeless camps of Redding.

Now she is KICKED OUT of the Good News Rescue Mission and will be spending the night HOMELESS on the Streets of Redding as this blog is written !

A Quote from Ashleys Facebook page as the reason why she was asked to leave...

"For checking in late cuz i was searching homeless camps across town, assuming everyone had already taken showers cuz there were multiple showers open-i didnt sign up and took longer than 6 mins and was the only shower whose door got banged on repeatedly so i went to smoke a cig. the smoking area was closed and was yelled at to put my cig out. when told i should leave if i dont play by the rules i pointed out thats what the mission did to my grandpa who has been missing for 3 years. and the purpose for me even being in redding, staying there is to be searching for him!"

Now you may be asking what is "Missing in Redding more than James Randolph Olsen ?

Clearly it is not Ashley's love and burning desire to find her missing grandfather.

Sadly, it's a complete and total lack of local news media attention...

James Randolph Olsen


  1. Almost 27,000 Pageviews and not 1 comment or Shares. This story wrenched my heart at the behavior in this community. I hope some one will post this or are making calls to News stations. All I can do is wonder about this poor families dilemma and post on FB and twitter...

  2. Can't believe a Rescue Mission can be so cruel! The word rescue should be ommitted! God help us!

  3. The local media does not air any stories on the local missing! Did you know that in the last year and a half, there are 28 local people that are missing, that have not been found? Why don't we know about it? It makes me sick!!!!!! Ashley....I care and want to help you. I have time and a truck, so if you call me I will help you. 215-1802. My name is Shelly and I live here in Redding. I think I might be able to help you. Please call.