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Redding California Homeless - Handouts Do Help

I knew Robert when he took refuge under the covered entrance to Trinity Lutheran Church on Hilltop until they kicked him off the property several years ago. I have never witnessed him panhandling. Robert told me he was a Vietnam veteran, who often could be seen with a guitar. Apparently Robert spent the last years of his life sitting in front of the Target Department store. It is my understanding somebody ran over Roberts foot, and infection set in.

Folks in Target can tell you more, and they have been nice enough to purchase this memorial stand where this well known and loved homeless man dwelled.

Robert died of esophageal cancer which jives with what the folks told me at Target because they were not sure if it was the cancer or the gangrene or both that killed him.

*Folks working at Target gave him things periodically to survive and in the process monitored him.

*Folks working at Target noticed he was starting to fail healthwise and called help for him, so this homeless veteran didn't have to die on the street, but in the relative comfort of a health care facility.

*Folks working at Target bought and placed the thoughful memorial you see now next to the entrance of Target.

*Folks working at Target have proved again by their Love and Compassion that "Handouts Do Help"

No matter what the heartless have to say...


I  came into contact with Robert Moore several times. During conversations around town in his lucid periods he was very soft spoken and at times you could see a sparkle in his eyes. He would always seem to make it to the food bank just about when we were ready to close, so I waived the 2x a month rule for him. He often needed sleeping bags, blankets, and other basic survival gear.

He was always so thankful and appreciative, and if he were still alive im sure he would tell you handouts do help.

Another poor soul fallen through the ever expanding cracks in Redding's social safety nets.

A touching personal tribute to an all to common tragic tale...

Marc Beauchamp: Fanfare for a Redding rock star

Two more tributes to Robert Moore



Please meet Tony, a homeless man who has spent day and night during Redding's exceptionally cold winter outdoors. As hundreds of people a day pass by Tony across the street from the downtown post office, many of them leave love offerings... clothes, food, blankets,

Usually he can hobble over to the covered Raba bus station when it rains but he could not even get up when Fire and EMS arrived. He was hunched over all day which was very disturbing .
We noticed he was starting to fail healthwise and called help for him. I looked at the paramedic and said he was dying on that bench... He agreed

Redding Police and businesses are very hot to do a "Handouts Dont Help" campaign to try to drive some of the homeless out of town, As a Christian we are very much against as we could gage Tony's condition through out the day as we gave him love offerings

Tony spent over 2 weeks in the hospital.

As you can see, and if you were to ask Tony, handouts do help...


A homeless senior citizen in her 70's who often panhandles to feed herself and feed her stray animal friends, Barbara or "Catwoman" camps out in the wooded area by the Sacramento River known as the Henderson Open Space. Recently she alleges that Bob Brannon, community work program officer for the Redding California Police Department has threatened to arrest her if she dident leave the Henderson area, and that she would loose her beloved pet dog.

She also alleges, as many homeless folks do, that Officer Brannon has taken her personal possesions and has cost her a great deal of money to replace. She loves to feed and take in unwanted stray dogs and cats, and it is said that she has developed a relationship with wild animals as well, feeding turtles and baby skunks as they rub up against her like baby kittens.

Unfortunatly when Bob Brannon discovers and raids her camp, he throws away any survival homeless camping gear she has managed to obtain.

Many, many homeless folks that live away from the Good News Rescue Mission wish to be self sufficient and panhandle for the most basic of survival needs, ( Tents, Sleeping Bags, Cooking Stoves, etc. ) which Officer Brannon of the Redding Police Department confiscates on a regular basis requiring folks like Barbara to panhandle to continually replace.

In order for many homeless folks in Redding and Shasta County to survive, your generous Handouts Do Help...

Redding Homeless Blog - Meet "Catwoman"

Redding Coalition for the Homeless


  1. How does that Officer Brannon of the Redding Police Department get away with it? I would like to think that this blog will get to the right hands, and that the Redding Police Department and PDs everywhere will add to their training and job descriptions and understanding of poverty vs. crime. Also I would like the day to come - soon - when if a person knows of someone beiong violated like what Officer Brannon was doing - that that public citizen would dare to call the Police Department and not fear repercussions. Repercussions, yes, but not to the victim but to Officer Brannon. Repercussions to him personally and the contless others that behave the same way with, apparently, blessing from the PD.
    It would help PDs' public image, something the good cops worry about, if nothing else, and that would be a good thing.
    Some people are just bullies. When that behavior is exhibited in Police work, the people doing it shouldn't be allowed to keep their jobs.

    Congratulations to the Target people! You showed compassion. I extend sympathy to you, too, because you have suffered a loss.

    Clarissa from

  2. Cold hearted people who never learned as children to share have become the real scourge of society! Poverty is a REALITY that is created by the lack of justice in the world. Homeless people are the result of greed, intolerance, prejudice and so many other disagreeable traits of human behavior. Helping our neighbors is foremost in building a free society. If people don't want to help homeless folks then don't, but don't tell me that I shouldn't help them just because you don't want to, where is freedom in that? I hope that there will come a time when people such as this officer who steals survival gear must be at the mercy of homeless people for help in a serious situation. What goes around comes around.

  3. I just read your news about Robert passing away. Do you know if his family was contacted? My older brother dated his niece years ago and was also a friend of Roberts. I would hope that they were some how informed. If they weren't I could try to find them. He was a very kind man and will be missed!

  4. *I realize there are two men named Robert in your blog update. I am refering to Robert who sat outside of Target.

  5. I have a question: How can I help the homeless in Redding? I live in Cottonwood, but have seen no one that was homeless in my area and would like to help provide meals. I am currently on temporary disability from work so I have time and some minor funds, but I'm not sure how best to help or what laws I might have to be aware of. Could you please help by providing information or provide an alternate contact to discuss such?
    Thank you most sincerely.