Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet Redding's "Catwoman"

A gentle homeless soul in her 70's who loves to collect money to feed her stray animal friends.
Homeless for the majority of 16 years, she camps out in the wooded area by the Sacramento River known as the Henderson Open Space. Recently she alleges that Bob Brannon, community work program officer for the Redding California Police Department has threatened to arrest her if she dident leave the Henderson area, and that she would loose her beloved pet dog, and that he was sick of cleaning up after her.

"Catwoman" is a very warm and easy to talk to individual. She loves to feed and take in unwanted stray dogs and cats, and it is said that she has developed a relationship with wild animals as well, feeding turtles and baby skunks as they rub up against her like baby kittens. Unfortunatly when Bob Brannon discovers and raids her camp, he throws away pounds of Cat and Dog food, as well as any survival homeless camping gear she has managed to obtain.

"Catwoman" is a cancer survivor, and unfortunatly needs a constant supply of colostomy bags to maintain her health. The last thing this dear homeless senior citizen needs is a threat of arrest, and the loss of her beloved pet dog hanging over her head.

If you agree that homelessness is not a crime and Catwoman is not a criminal then please take the time to call the Redding Police Department at (530) 225 - 4200 and ask for Redding Police Chief Robert Paoletti.

Let him know that this is not Stockton, that we here in Redding are compassionate to our homeless senior citizens, and until Redding California and Redding Rotary is willing and able to provide adequate shelters and affordable housing for the growing numbers of homeless folks free of homeless camping tickets,criminalization and evictions that Henderson Open Space is big enough for everybody to share.


  1. you know what i hate all redding police dept cuz they all cruel to anyone no matter who they are and will never live in redding again dues to their lack of communication and respect so my is out of respect to redding police dept!!!

  2. i agree with above comment. The police in this town are heartless. They need to lose everything and maybe then they will have some compassion for the homeless. They need to catch all of these drug lords in town and cut the crime down instead of tormenting our homeless people! WAKE UP PEOPLE! what has our town come too? We are a city now with city crime and were picking on homeless people and why? are they hurting any of you?

  3. Police don't protect Us, they Harrass, humiliate, degrade the "workers" repub.s have carefully labeled "poor" (lazy). I have a news flash, poor & lazy don't belong in the same sentence since it's the Poor who do All the work. If they were really lazy, they would not eat!! If you thought for yourself, you could see this but instead you tune into fox, believe all their propaganda. "It's the Poor, draining our govt,. not true, it's the 2%, embezzeling every tax dollar we pay, then shipping them overseas, leaving America broken. Meanwhile their building higher gates to protect themselves from their monsterous, criminal behavior going unchallenged. No Accountability!! But...the Worker,earning $3/per hr.,working 2-3 jobs to care for his family, he's the "Problem" ok..Zombieville in the USofC(corporations) Your the Problem!!!

  4. RPD profiles Mexican-Americans on I5. Anyone that looks Mexican and has out of state plates gets pulled over with fabricated probable cause. Since the realignment legislation, RPD beats people because they do not think the courts are harsh enough (see the online booking photos). They do not respect the laws or Constitution, seeing their job as "us against the bad guys" instead. King George III saw the colonists the same way. Officer Bob will probably break Catwoman's arm during the arrest.

  5. after living in many places. even been homeless top
    I have to say rpd and scso are boy scouts compared to most I've seen.

    I've known cops to strip search you in subzero weather or handcuff you to a pipe and billyclub you for laughs.
    they don't arrest you because that calls for paperwork, so they harass the hell out of you.

    if you think rpd is harda§s you've never met hard cops.

  6. If this person is causing zoonotic problems in YOUR area-she is no friend of yours, everyone has to move around and let the area "cool down" -- THAT'S THE LAW

    1. whether you like the fact, the area has to "cool down" or not -- its up to the police to ensure our public safety of the community and letting the area where she live "cool down" is protecting the community

    2. Is that bonnie goldstein??? She was my close friend - she must have relapsed.

  7. Why don't they approach the situation with a positive solution? One that will "help" this woman? Is it because there might be "more" effort involved in doing something the right and moral way? "Quit being Lazy Redding's Bob Brannon"
    Do something that will help these people, and you just might find out how up lifting and rewarding it is to your own soul. Or keep doing what you're doing and remain a jerk in most peoples eye's. Oh excuse me, a LAZY JERK!