Friday, June 22, 2012

Man charged for solicitation proclaiming the Gospel at Redding Walmart

Shirlyn Pappas and Laurence Schmahll pose with offending scriptures after his court victory.

In a case sure to have local religious freedom advocates abuzz a man was charged by Redding California Police Department for holding a sign by the road in the Walmart area.

The sign did not ask
for money, or state that he would work for food, but contained Bible verses which the man was charged for of all things soliciting.

Laurence Schmahll stated that he received a ticket from Redding Police Officer "Marks, badge number 183" for the dastardly Christian crime of displaying two Bible verses in public written down on cardboard.

Fortunately for Mr. Schmahll the case was taken up by Redding attorney Timothy Pappas and Pacific Justice Institute , a non-profit 501(c)(3) legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties.

Of course with Mr Pappas's legal council the case was quickly thrown out of the Shasta County courtroom.

Now that homelessness is a crime in Redding and Shasta County it is good to see that so far Christian evangelism is not.


  1. Our country is under siege by those who wish to attack our freedoms, including religious freedom.

    Ask our President:

    The fact is our country was founded and has prospered on Christian morals and principles from God, not government nor people. Without God's help, we have no chance of passing this wonderful experiment called freedom on to our children and our children's children.

    The finest President of my lifetime responds much better than I.

    God Bless our veterans who have protected our freedoms, including religious freedom!

    God Bless Mr. Schmahl, Tim Pappas and the Pacific Justice Institute who continue the good fight to protect freedom!


  2. I find it patently offensive that the Redding Police Department would attack the First Amendment rights of this individual.

    The Redding Coalition for the Homeless asserts the motivation of and stands on the very Rock of scriptural freedom and liberty which was under attack that day in the Shasta County Courthouse.

    "We are individuals or groups that cooperate in joint action, each in their interest as well as joining forces together for a common cause of Redding and Shasta County California poverty, homelessness and community suffering related issues."

    The faction of the "Tea Party" I witnessed and met yesterday in court stunningly exceeded that mission statement and it is my hope and prayer that we can join forces and work together in the future.

    Thank you Tim and Shirlyn Pappas, several members of the Tea Party, and The Pacific Justice Institute for your support of Laurence.

    Redding Coalition for the Homeless

  3. Yes and AMEN brother! Grandma Lisa

  4. This country was not founded on Christian values but on Democratic values, we are a society that protects all faiths and does not have a state religion. People who demand that we conform to Christian views do not understand freedom.
    I am a follower of Jesus Christ who did not use government to build a religion, He came to have a relationship with His created beings that would spread the gospel of LOVE.