Monday, October 8, 2012

Homeless Hatred - Henderson Open Space Day

What are we teaching the youth of today when during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression  we allow them to destroy known homeless camp survival areas during the Henderson Open Space clean up day?

Kim Niemer,  Redding's community services director and Randy Smith yearly lead the charge of destroying and unapologetically clearing vegetation and life sustaining homeless camps in the 30 acres of Henderson Open Space without offering a compassionate alternative to the multitudes of homeless they displace.

"Social studies and science teachers at local high schools have also offered extra credit to students who participate in the cleanup", said Niemer.

.Maybe Redding and Shasta County educators can teach students the harsh reality that the Henderson Open Space Annual Community Creek Cleanup heartlessly drive away the homeless, destroy important vegetative cover for riparian wildlife, and contributes to global warming?

Several Redding youth come to the sobering revelation that they are destroying homeless living areas and lives during the Henderson Open Space Day

Groups and organizations participating included City of Redding / R.E.U. California Conservation Corps, Rotary Club of Redding, Commercial Landscaping Services, the McConnell Foundation,and  Redding Police and Bethel Church.  Many people believe the policies and procedures of Redding Electric Utility / R.E.U is a major cause of homelessness in our area, so it was particularly morbid to see them and their equipment taking such an active role in the destruction of homeless camp survival areas in our community.

It was also shocking to see Redding California Bethel Christian Church joining forces with others to help destroy homeless camp areas in the Henderson Open Space where homeless find basic survival and refuge.

What can only be described as a process of clear cut logging on the banks of the beautyful Sacramento River within the Redding California City limits that is nothing less than devastating. One City of Redding official explained that the logs will be milled and the boards used to build a future foot bridge in the Henderson Open Space Area, destroying picture postcard perfect scenic wildlife areas used by fishermen and homeless viewable from the Cypress Street bridge. It was explained that later City of Redding employee Randy Smith will apply poison herbicides to the Henderson Open Space area destroying and unapologetically clearing the vegetation and life sustaining homeless camp areas completing this macabe transformation

It was overheard in past conversations present with the Henderson Neighborhood Open Space Group how wonderful it will be to see all the homeless and vegetation removed so folks from the group who live on Henderson Road can see all the way to the river, and Dugan Barr's beautyful home on the other side. (All under the guise of removing invasive plants and trees of course.)

Emails have also been viewed from the Henderson Open Space Neighborhood requesting male members to be vigilantes to search and seek out homeless hiding and keeping warm by fires to turn into Redding Police Dept.

Homeless hatred and persecution at its finest.

What happens to the Homeless Men, Women, Children ,Veterans and Senior Citizens you displace ?


  1. What happens to them? They end up in front of stores and gas stations and all kinds of public places, because it's ILLEGAL for them to be ANYWHERE, so why bother trying? They get ticketed on the regular, tickets they have no way to pay, so most have loooooong "criminal" records for loitering and open containers.

    How many people drink beer? It's only ILLEGAL for the homeless, because there's noplace that isn't public property for them to drink it.

    There's noplace where it's legal for them to sleep, eat, or live either. What a fucking world.

  2. I guess no one remembers the south jetty in Eureka... the homeless made that place a toxic waste land (CCC cleaned that hepatitis mess) and nothing is said of the all the feces leaching into the watershed it being in a riparian zone. If you cant stay in homeless shelter its because you are on meth, a drunk or have mental issues... either way those kind of people shouldnt be allowed to taint the gene pool :-)

    1. Yeah, but again, these towns do NOTHING to alleviate the problem OF homelessness. Homeless shelters are littered with bugs and mentally ill folks so some folks, me when I was out there, never wanted to go in there. If these cities can spend money on palm trees ($5 million in Redding), they can spend money on helping folks. And cutting Mental Health services DOES NOT HELP.

  3. Mr fuckdafedup..To begin with, I agree that homeless types should be considerate and maintain (cleanliness too) the surroundings they inhabit. Homeless shelters provide a short period of time out of each year. I have been homeless for 3 years. I'm not a druggie,alkie, nor have a record. I have a driver' license (clean 20yr record), insurance, cell phone and vehicle I live in. There is no where to go. It costs to job hunt and when u have pennies for an income, things are almost hopeless. If a person seeks work and ends up making 2k for the year, um, what does that provide. If I have tainted the gene pool, forgive me. This is not the kind of citizen I desired to become. They used to give cyanide to pilots in the war. Let the government offer the pill to us homeless (for a small fee of course) and let us die with dignity, freeing up any imposition on working americans. Of course, another option would require americans to be kind, considerate, maybe offering us work for 20 dollars to at least provide for job hunt each week. I hope you have a great life which might reflect mercy on those less fortunate. God bless you

  4. Most of America is to Fucking soft. You wanna taking about endangering wildlife habitat. How about the plastic from homeless trash that flood our rivers and canals harming or fish and birds. Or the dozens of needles and broken glass bottles that injure animals and humans daily because some homeless person wad to lazy to care for there own shit. Better to have a park for the decent public then a shit hole for the careless...

    1. It's not about "lazy." That's lazy thinking. It's about Mental Health. Unless you've been out there you can't understand how this stuff works.

      I've been out there. I've seen how tough it is to get up. And the ONLY REASON I'm getting well now is because I have a friend helping me out. I've been seeking therapy for a couple years now. And, although I am not completely fixed yet, I'm halfway there. You can't NOT provide cogent services to help folks and then bitch about the manifestation of those mental health issues.

  5. There is a lot of assumptions made in this article, such as the caption under the two young women working. They hardly seem troubled at clearing away under brush to make this space usable for the public.

  6. In lieu of actual help, instead spending $5 million on palm trees, folks are forced to do what they need to do to survive. They're (the city) playing both sides against the middle. Blaming homeless folks for the bi-product of doing NOTHING TO HELP is like blaming a newborn for crapping in their diaper.