Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Redding and Shasta County No New Tax for New Jails Group

Redding and Shasta County is suffering a homeless shelter crisis, and its police have been dispensing "cruel and unusual punishment" for years writing tickets for homeless "camping."

Martin v. City of Boise says cities can’t punish the homeless for sleeping outdoors or on public property.

We are Shasta County citizens opposing a 2020 ballot initiative to increase the sales tax to build new jails and or police ran detention rehabilitation centers.

Anderson Police Chief Johnson "Stalag" homeless "solution"

Anderson police 'embrace' pigdom during Chinese Year of the Pig

Say NO to Anderson California police Chief Johnson and his proposal for a transitional rehabilitation center in Shasta County. Seems anything but Christian....even Anti Christ since a federal court affirms cities can’t criminalize homelessness.

“The idea of forcing homeless people into detention facilities through some kind federally led, law enforcement/military style effort is also inhumane and grotesque, and does not appear to have been thought out so hopefully that is not actually the strategy.”

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article235065417.html?fbclid=IwAR0DU3avA5RznkFwiKR6qAra7Fj_1XuhWFiNFADJ0EUEVIjAKyeIjrmEJrA#storylink=cpy

"The court can’t force cities to build adequate shelter space or homeless housing, but it can make it unconstitutional for them to criminalize homelessness until that burden has been met."

Next door Good News Rescue Mission

Say NO to Good News Rescue Mission having anything to do with a desperately needed new low barrier homeless shelter. It is believed the Good News Rescue Mission has become a political subdivision of the City of Redding.

Next door Good News Rescue Mission

Early morning across street Good News Rescue Mission  "Camping"

Say YES TO A SALES TAX INCREASE for a compassionate long needed and overdue  privately run SEPARATE low barrier homeless shelter from Good News Rescue Mission. Speak up at city and county council meetings, Write letters to the editor,save lives this winter !

Use the Facebook and Twitter accounts Redding and Shasta County No New Tax for New Jails Group provides. Let your voice be heard !

Pine Street Safeway across from LuLu's Restaurant

Join us and invite your friends !  Use hashtag   #NoNewTaxForNewJail

Stay updated about our meetings, protests and future events on our No New Tax For New Jail Twitter and Facebook accounts !

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  1. No one is advocating building a jail for the homeless, we want a jail for the criminals.