Saturday, July 21, 2018

Marijuana Profit Fueled Redding Police to Battle Homeless

No secret here, seems diabolically obvious ... Redding California city government I believe will use new pot dispensary regulations and tax revenue to hire new "Marijuana" code enforcement officers to ride the already broken backs of our continually criminalized homeless population.

You know, the kind of Redding code enforcement officer that haunts the continually police raided homeless camps and homeless street population already, dressed impeccably in leather gloves to protect the fists, and a rather oversized "Flak jacket."   Modern day spiritual Roman Centurion ? A macabre representation of Redding City hall compassion to say the least.

For years the homeless who have tried to take refuge at the Good News Rescue Mission have confided to me they refuse to stay there because the program members run the facility like a " prison yard," And I can personally attest I have seen more drugs at the mission then on the street. Seems like a good representation of Redding Police Chief Roger Moore's description of South City Park at a recent city council meeting.

One day at a recently raided homeless camp, I asked the Redding police community service officer ... " Its just us ... tell me ... knowing what you know. would you, or if you had a family and no other option, stay at the Good News Rescue Mission?

"No" was his response.

So if Redding police community service officer Bob Brannon because of conditions would never stay at the mission, Redding's only night time homeless shelter, why do we expect the homeless population to freely want to do so?

Alas nowhere to go.

Redding's Marijuana recreational high helps homeless to continue to die...


  1. again, treating this as though we are just angry at the fact they have no roof over their head.

    nothing to do with the drugs, the violence, the theft, the harassment, the feces in the street, the trash, the vandalism, the sexual assault, the myriad dangers they pose or the fact that they do in fact take advantage of the programs available to them and then continue to disrespect the population that provides it.

    Nope. theyre just "overcriminalized"