Sunday, July 28, 2013

Redding Homeless Day Center

In a recent Record Searchlight article "( Homeless ) Day center talks in works" the "Rev" Ann Corrin was quoted as saying " You should not have to presume to take on someone's beliefs to get a bowl of soup." One must ask, in what charitable religious establishment in Redding California does this occur?

Is this a requirement of the Good News Rescue Mission ? .... No... Living Hope Compassion Ministry...No.... Was it a shot across the bow of conservative Christianity ? or spiritually is there even more ??

Do we hear today the same complaints from Ann Corrin as those who came back the next day after Jesus Christ fed the 5000 so long ago who just wanted to be fed again with no regard for the provider or what He had to say?

Of course this project should include and welcome all faith beliefs and NOT exclude Jesus Christ.

Why must Christians give up their autonomy for this future Day Center ? And why does the City of Redding feel it can dictate what the vision of this future homeless day center will be without dedicating any money or resources ?

Although secular is great for receiving government grants and funding, secular also equals government control and will not be in the best interest of the homeless nor the developers civil and constitutional rights.

Is this another Redding City Council dog and pony show for homeless advocates to put in time and effort such as the case recently of a homeless campground only to be shot down again by city staff and council as interest wanes?

Finally one must ask why has Ann Corrin taken the liberty of what this homeless day center can and cannot be without input from the community ? 

It has been said that Redding City Council member Missy McArthur attends "Rev" Ann Corrin's church but as far as constructing a homeless day center...

"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it."

A Building Donation Needed / Discussion Group Facebook Page

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