Sunday, February 2, 2014

Global Homeless Day


Would you like to draw attention to the problems homeless and poor are suffering in your area and give homeless people a voice?

Would you like to help ? What can Church's, Schools, Youth groups, Businesses and others do ?

Please join homeless, hunger, and poverty advocates and activists from around the world every May 5th  as we celebrate and promote Global Homeless Day !

Register and Login to Global Homeless Forum -  Here you will find the most up to date information and news on Global Homeless Day. Share ideas with others on the Global Homeless Forum. Let us know what you are planning.

Post your Link What are you doing for Global Homeless Day 5/5/14 ? Here you can post your event, charity, food drive, etc... Then the Global Homeless Day team will assure it will receive MAXIMUM ONLINE GLOBAL VISIBILITY !

Please SHARE
the Global Homeless Day action event protest link or banner on Facebook, Twitter,

Blogs, and any other social media page to make this annual event a COMPLETE SUCCESS !!

Global Homeless Day

Global Homeless Day


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